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For the essential mission of preserving, cataloguing, researching and editing Rudolf Steiner’s Work we need your support, because our financial resources are insufficient to fully accomplish our task.
You can help us to preserve the original documents and sources of the founder of Anthroposophy and thus enable us to publish them.

Below you can find the bank account of the International Association for the support of the Rudolf Steiner Archive, which is a non-profit organisation in Switzerland and is exempted from tax. When you donate, you will get the respective donation receipt for your support.

I. Internationale Fördergemeinschaft Rudolf Steiner Archiv
Raiffeisenbank Arlesheim (Switzerland)
CH-4144 Arlesheim
Account-Number: IBAN CH87 8080 8002 1493 5140 7
Swift-Code (BIC): RAIFCH22776

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