Researching in the Rudolf Steiner Archive (RSA)

The records of the RSA are available for specific research. We kindly ask for an advance application with details of the respective projects.

The main focus of our holding lies on the literary and artistic legacy of Rudolf Steiner. Almost all theses documents have been published in the  Rudolf Steiner Gesamtausgabe (Complete Works) and will be made electronically accessible from  October 2020 onwards by the Rudolf Steiner Verlag.

In addition the Archive has collections of published and unpublished memoirs, reports and biographical descriptions of Rudolf Steiner’s life, as well as a collection of secondary anthroposophical literature, which is electronically catalogued in

In Rudolf Steiner’s own library (catalogued in Rudolf Steiners Bibliothek – Verzeichnis einer Büchersammlung, Basel 2019) there are many books he referred to or and quoted from, as well as brochures and magazines, complemented by further collections, which serve as references for all the authors mentioned or quoted. Diverse legacies, like Marie Steiner’s estate, complete the holdings.

The RSA is especially organised for research on the work, the biography and Rudolf Steiner's activities, as well as displaying details about encounters with other personalities, from his childhood and youth till his time in Vienna, Weimar, Berlin, Stuttgart and Dornach. There are extensive visual and text resources, which can provide an insight into the life of his time, as for example in Vienna or in Berlin around 1900 at the turn of the century.

Possible areas of research:

  • Rudolf Steiner's correspondence with his contemporaries, theosophists, anthroposophists and collaborators.
  • Contemporary History: Bohème in Vienna, Weimar and Berlin; history of the situation leading to the First World War; political-economical history of the First World War and its subsequent consequences.
  • History of activities in connection with the Threefold Social Organism.
  • Marie Steiner's correspondence with her contemporaries
  • History of the origin and development of the art of speech, eurythmy, biodynamic agriculture, anthroposophical medicine and Waldorf Pedagogy.


Other archives to be found in the vicinity: Goetheanum Documentation, Archive, library and art collection; Ita Wegman Archive; Albert Steffen Archive; Forschungsstelle Kulturimpuls.