The Rudolf Steiner Estate Administration has published two single critical editions.

Text-critical editions

Rudolf Steiner Gesamtausgabe, the Complete Works, are a reading and study edition, and they do not provide a scientifical text structure documented in all aspects. The transparent documentation of every available text testimony (including manuscripts, proof sheets, etc) is carried out in historical-critical editions. Whereas in the text-critical or critical editions, the focus lies on a philological transparent text structure or text-genetical comparison of manuscripts levels or different editions.
Rudolf Steiner himself, during his time in Weimar, worked on the critical edition of Goethe’s works (referred to as the Weimar or Sophien edition). In relation to his own work, Steiner once made reference to the complexity and growth of his own writings, and about the possibility to read them also under this special aspect:

«The one who will make the effort, taking a look to the succesive editions of my „Theosophy“, to follow up how I changed once and again the chapter on the repeated lives on earth, precisely to bring their truth to the ideas which have been taken from the observation of  the sensible world, will find how I strived to meet the requirements of the recognized scientific method » (The Story of my life, GA 28).

The text development in the editions 1904-1922  in a complete reading version. Edited by Daniel Hartmann, Dornach 2004. 

Documents on «The Philosophy of freedom»
Facsimile of the first edition (1894) with handwritten notes for the new edition 1908, as well as manuscripts, recensions and additional materials. Edited by Dr. David Marc Hoffmann in collaboration with Dr. Walter Kugler, Dornach 1994
Documents on  «The Philosophy of freedom»

Rudolf Steiner, Writings, Critical Edition, edited by Christian Clement
The editor Christian Clement compares and comments the diverse editions of the works of Rudolf Steiner, which have been published during Rudolf Steiner’s lifetime. The first volume appeared in autumm 2013, volume 5 «Schriften über Mystik, Mysterienwesen und Religionsgeschichte».
The Rudolf Steiner Verlag took over a number of copies to distribute as part of a distribution’s cooperation.