Final planning of Rudolf Steiner’s Complete Works (2016-2025)

The edition of the Complete Works started 1961, on the 100th birthday of Rudolf Steiner and aims to be finished 2025, on the 100th anniversary of his death.


New volumes published 2021 in german

GA 332ba Zur sozialen und wirtschaftlichen Fragen der Gegenwart 

GA 68a Über das Wesen des Christentums

GA 90c Theosophie und Okkultismus 

Volumes published 2020 in german

GA 46 Nachgelassene Abhandlungen und Fragmente 1879 – 1924 [it edits a variety of posthumous essays and fragments, 1879 – 1924]
GA 80b Das Innere der Natur und das Wesen der Menschenseele [public lectures in several cities, 1920-1923, and in Berlin 1922 on Nature’s inwardness and the essence of human’s soul]
 GA 80c Die anthroposophische Geisteswissenschaft und die grossen Zivilisationsfragen der Gegenwart [nine public lectures in several cities about anthroposophical spiritual science and the great civilization’s issues of the time]
GA 250 Zur Geschichte der Deutschen Sektion der Theosophischen Gesellschaft 1902-1913. Vorträge, Ansprachen, Berichte und Protokolle [this volume publishes lectures, speeches, reports and protocols related to the history of the german section of the Theosophical Society 1902-1903]

Volumes published 2019 in german

GA 80a  Das Wesen der Anthroposophie [it edits public lectures held in several cities during the year 1922 (Wolff & Sachs Lecture’s Tours)]
GA 87 Antike Mysterien und Christentum [publishes twenty-four lectures held in Berlin from the 19th October 1901 to 26th April 1902 on Ancient mysteries and Christianity]
GA 336 Die grossen Fragen der Zeit und die anthroposophische Geist-Erkenntnis [contains lectures on social threefolding from the 6th February 1919 to 27th June 1921, on major questions of the time and the anthroposophical spiritual knowledge]
GA 252 Zur Geschichte des Johannesbau -Vereins und des Goetheanum-Vereins 1911-1924 [this volume is about the history of the Johannes Building Association and the Goetheanum Association 1911-1924, compiled in lectures, speeches and documents from October 1911 to June 1924]
GA 37 Das lebendige Wesen der Anthroposophie. Aufsätze zur Geschichte der anthroposophischen Bewegung und der anthroposophischen Gesellschaft 1902–1925 [in GA 37 we find essays  of Rudolf Steiner on the history of the anthroposophical movement and society between 1902-1925]

Volumes published 2018 in german 

GA 41a Übersetzungen und freie Übertragungen aus dem Alten und Neuen Testament [this volume edits translations and free transcriptions of Rudolf Steiner from the Old Testament and New Testament]
GA 41bÜbersetzungen und freie Übertragungen verschiedener Werke [it contains Rudolf Steiner’s translations and free transcriptions of several works. The fact that Steiner translated Helena P. Blavatsky was not known until now, however from the correspondence with the publisher Max Altmann preserved in the archives, it is clear that the translations done by R. Steiner were The key to Theosophy (1899) and the Theosophical Glossary (1892); edited are also here The Dream Song of Olaf Åsteson; The Canticle of the Sun by Francis of Assisi, among others]
GA 90a Selbsterkenntnis und Gotteserkenntnis I. Mitgliedervorträge in Berlin 1903-1904 [it is volume I of lectures for members in Berlin between 1903-1904 on self-knowledge and divine knowledge]
GA 90b
Selbsterkenntnis und Gotteserkenntnis II [it is volume II of lectures for members in Berlin and several cities during 1905 on self-knowledge and divine knowledge]
GA 91 Kosmologische und menschliche Evolution. Farbenlehre. [this volume differs from other volumes due to its personal character : it documents private esoteric lessons for Marie and Olga von Sivers, 1904-1905. Rudolf Steiner develops a theory of colour and of light in these lessons]
GA 111 Einführung in die Grundlagen der Theosophie [these are lectures’ cycles between 1907 and 1909, that Rudolf Steiner held during his trips to Hannover, the Netherlands and Rome. Central theme is the description of the Christian and Rosicrucian path of initiation]
GA 117a  Das Johannesevangelium und die drei anderen Evangelien [These eleven lectures for members (3rd -5th January 1910), in Stockholm, are about The gospel of St. John and the other three gospels]
GA K26b Rudolf Steiner, Edith Maryon. Eurythmiefiguren aus der Entstehungszeit [This folder shows original eurythmy figures, from the holdings of the Rudolf Steiner Archive and from the art collection at the Goetheanum, accompanied by a text- booklet which provides information about their creation, in which Rudolf Steiner and Edith Maryon worked together to find a way to express the eurythmy gesture]

Volumes published 2017 in german

GA 1f Editorische Nachworte zu Goethes naturwissenschaftliche Schriften in der Weimarer Ausgabe (1891-1896) [The present volume edits for the first time in the Complete Works the texts written by Rudolf Steiner within the Goethe’s Weimar edition, supplemented by further materials. Editorial epilogues to Goethe’s writings on Natural Sciences in the Weimar Edition (1891-1896)]
GA 68c Goethe und die Gegenwart. Öffentliche Vorträge in verschiedenen Städten (1889-1912) [edition of  the public lectures in several cities (1889-1912) on Goethe and the present]
GA 69d Tod und Unsterblichkeit im Lichte der Geisteswissenschaft. Öffentliche Vorträge in verschiedenen Städten (1910-1914) [edition of  public lectures in several cities (1910-1914) on death and immortality under the light of the Spiritual Science]
GA 69e Geisteswissenschaft und die geistigen Ziele unserer Zeit. Öffentliche Vorträge 1910-1914 [this volume collects public lectures in several cities (1910-1914) centered on the relationship between spiritual science and natural science]  

GA 289 Der Baugedanke des Goetheanum, Vorträge nach der Eröffnung des Goetheanum (Sept. 1920) [this is an edition of lectures after the opening of the First Goetheanum on September 1920 about its construction's idea]

Volumes published 2016 in german 

GA 288 Architektur, Plastik und Malerei des Ersten Goetheanum. Vorträge in Dornach bis zur Eröffnung des Goetheanum (Sept. 1920) [In this volume of nine lectures, Rudolf Steiner presents the spiritual art impulse expressed in the  architecture, sculpture and painting of the First Goetheanum. Lectures were held in Dornach until the  Goetheanum’s opening on September 1920]

IV) Erschienene Werke im Jahr 2016

  • GA 288  Architektur, Plastik und Malerei des Ersten Goetheanum. Vorträge in Dornach bis zur Eröffnung des Goetheanum (Sept. 1920)
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