The Foundation

In the year 1943 Marie Steiner, heir of Rudolf Steiner’s estate, founded the «Rudolf Steiner Nachlassverwaltung» (Rudolf Steiner Estate Administration, association for the administration of the literary and artistic legacy of Dr. Rudolf Steiner) as an independent institution. The so called «Agreement for the transfer of ownership» establishes the mission of preserving, cataloguing, researching and publishing. For the implementation of this mission, the Rudolf Steiner Archive has been set up along the years. Here, since 1961, the planned Complete Works of Rudolf Steiner are being edited in the form of a reading and study edition and, till to the present, about 374 volumes have been already published. It is probably the most extensive book edition of an author, and among the most translated ones.

The Rudolf Steiner Estate Administration has been, by unanimous decision of its members, transformed in a foundation with unmodified purpose and seat in Dornach, Switzerland. Its complete name is «Rudolf Steiner Estate Administration, Foundation for the preservation, research and publication of the scientific and artistic legacy of Rudolf Steiner». Organs of the foundation are the Board of Trustees, the Committee, the Archive’s Direction and the Advisory Board.
The Annual Report 2015 informs about the foundation and the project of ending the edition of Rudolf Steiner’s Complete Works. The statutes of the foundation are here to download (in german)

Two associations support the mission of the foundation and of the Rudolf Steiner Archive: «Verein zur Förderung der Stiftung Rudolf Steiner Nachlassverwaltung», former Estate’s Association,  and the «Internationale Fördergemeinschaft Rudolf Steiner» 

Members of the Board and Committee

Cornelius Bohlen, President (Committee), lic. phil., Teacher and Director at the Atelierschule in Zürich, Switzerland.
Dr. Stefan Brotbeck, Dr. phil., Philosopher, Professor and writer, Director of the Philosophicum, Basel, Switzerland.
Anna-Katharina Dehmelt, Institute for anthroposophical Meditation, Alfter, Germany
Martin Frei, lic. phil., works at the Rudolf Steiner's Real Estate Foundation, Zurich, Switzerland.
Dr. Brigitte Pfändler-Oling, Legal advisor at Clinic Arlesheim, Switzerland.
Max Ruhri, Economist and Banking, CEO Freie Gemeinschaftsbank Basel
Niklaus Schär
, Manager and real estate developer, Schafisheim, Germany.
Cato Schiøtz, Lawyer, Board’s member of the Anthroposophical Society in Oslo, Norway.
Dr. Eva Gabriele Streit, Vicepresident (Committee) Medical Director Clinic Arlesheim, Arlesheim, Switzerland.

BMF ProConsulting AG, Basel

Members of the Advisory Board
Foundation Rudolf Steiner Estate Administration